Life In Space

from by LeFanu



This song is about generation born in space, not knowing any world like we do, just the insides of a spaceship. How they would feel about there life knowing it can be entirely different.
If you are on the exploration trip looking for a new planet to settle on it takes a lot of time to find one. What if this will not happen during their lives? To be born and die on a spaceship? Is that the life we want for our kids if we would go to space?


We’ve never set our foot on Earth
We have never seen the Sun with our own eyes
We don’t know what’s the difference between the night and the day
All we know is the darkness and black emptiness (that surrounds us)

We are the children of the space
We were born on a starship
Children of the space
From new mankind’s exploration race

We only know the taste of artificial air
We only eat plastic food produced on board
We can only dream about green grass and blue sky
And all other things we hear from elders’ tales.

Black emptiness surrounds us
We are lonely in this infinite darkness

In our dreams we live on a planet we’re searching for
But who can promise us if our dreams will ever come true…
Will they ever come true?


from From Planet To Planet, released August 21, 2016



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LeFanu Edinburgh, UK

I'm in love with synthesizers, 80's and in nostalgia for those times. I was doing music for many years. This is a Synthwave project where I want to try all of crazy ideas and sub-genres. This may not be synthpop but surely will be heavy on synthesizers! I hope synthwave fans will find here some fresh approach, slow atmospheric tracks, but also fast rockin' tunes. ... more

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